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The Most Important Post Ev

Heffner's Stealth Blog: The Most Important Post Ev

Disclaimer: I want to apologize to my loyal fan base (Frank Resetarits and Steve Wilcos) in advance for this week's blog not following its usual format. Be sure to check out the pics from this week's Stealth game against the Colorado Mammoth. They're way sweet, as usual.

This is sort of embarrassing to admit, but Facebook kind of (in a very, extremely small) sort of way influenced this blog. Huzzah!! For those Facebooker's out there, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about, and for those out of touch 'mountain people' types who haven't caught the FB bug, well, try and keep up.

It's those damn '25 Things People Don't Know About You' quizzesthey kinda got me thinking. I started to go through my list of 'odd' things about myselfthings like 19: I own a touque(ask a Canadian) or 17: how I always forget to wash at least one article of dirty clothing every time I do laundry or 1: I know I guy who knows a guy who knows Rudy Pikuzinski. THE Rudy Pikuzinski!.

But more importantly 4 and 23 stand outand they are as follows; 4: Before I started playing professional lacrosse I worked as a sports Clomiphene Citrate Australia anchorman for CBS affiliate WCAV 19yeah, the sports guy on the news, hilarious! And 23: Due to some glitch in the matrix, I still get the NLL player polls, which I still fill out and send in.

Now you might be asking Methandienone Wholesale yourself 'what exactly do 4 and 23 have in common?' or 'why do I care Oxymetholone Anadrol Steroid about this guy's former occupations?' These are both good questionsbut these numbers may have more at stake "Jintropin China Supplier" for us lacrosse fans out there.

Let's start with 23 firstOk, I might have screwed myself with admitting that I still get the NLL player polls, but the point I am trying to make here is way more important. So, as a player in the NLL or MLL, you receive email questionnaires from the league or from the IL front office itself on a periodic basis sort of' taking the temperature' of the players and their thoughts on certain topics. For the players, this is a great way to give your feedback and get some type of dig on a teammate publishedpretty funny stuff for sure.

Two weeks ago I was very excited to see an Inside Lacrosse questionnaire that revolved mostly around the NLL and it's amount of 'exposure' in the national spotlight. As a photographer, I was stoked to fill out my rebel questionnairethat's the whole reason I point my camera at lacrosse players in the first "buy cheap jintropin online" place to get THEM and the sport more exposure. In a world of guns "buy cheap jintropin online" and rockets, it's amazing to see how much power a guy with a camera can still havewhoa, that was pretty deep.

So, I filled out my questionnaire very honestly, stating that I thought the NLL and the sport as a whole had a long way to go to reach the media stratosphere that the MLB, NFL and NBA have grown into over the last few decades. But exactly how "Gensci China Jintropin" far does lacrosse need to go and exactly how do we get the sport to that point in the national spotlight? Hmmmthese are also good questions

Now, unfortunately, with the NLL ALL Star game going on, this questionnaire got kind of pushed to the side and wasn't postedI was bummed.

That's "Comprar Gh Jintropin" when good ol' 4 on my list popped up. (Seriously, ask Jon Christmas) As a smaller station, this meant that I had more responsibilitiesfrom getting game footage, to doing interviews, to editing the day's sports highlights and ultimately, throwing a suit and tie, an earpiece and a little bit of make up and giving the local area five minutes of sweet sports coverage. Sounds like a busy day, right?! Now, I don't wanna come off as a lazy guy, but I'm all about things that make my life easier. Who isn't right?! That kind of peanut butter that already has the jelly in it is my idea of efficiency.

Now, back at the news station in between all the events and interviews I actually went to, I was constantly on the phone or that intranet thing trying to figure out scores of the games I couldn't go to or what was happening locally I should be covering. The sports segment doesn't seem that long, but five minutes is a lot of things to coversometimes we would stretch stuff out to be able to fill up all the timesometimes we would just hope someone called before the sports segment was to air with a gem for us.

And low and beholdthe station's sports info line would ringand there would be someone on the other end who would either tell us of upcoming sporting event or the score of one that just ended. Now that's stuff we can use!!!

So what do 4 and 23 have to do with each other? A lot in creating a buzz about the sport at the local leveland getting it some TV time to boot! Believe me, whoever picks up the phone will probably be pretty gracious seeing as though you are making his or her job that much easierit's the whole peanut butter with the jelly thinggenius!!

Here, I made a simple 'Fan Checklist'

ZACH'S FAN CHECKLIST Apply checklist to any lacrosse related event. Rinse and Repeat


Obtain telephone numbers for each of your local news stations.


(the numbers are easily found on station websitemake sure you get theSTEP TWO:

Prior to 'lacrosse related event' call each affiliate and ask them if they are

covering said event. If they are not, tell them they should be, along with when and where the event is taking place.

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